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  • Ecosystem: Autonomous and Freedom

    Matters.News, powered by Matters Lab, is a self-regulated community of 100,000 creators, also the first entry point built by Matters Lab. The decentralized content publication ecosystem is built on top of InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), a protocol and peer-to-peer network for storing and sharing data in a distributed file system that is hard for authorities to censor, allowing creators to be truly independent. We also partner with LikeCoin Foundation and support Matters Pay to reward creativity in the form of multiple currencies and cryptocurrencies.

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  • Community: Openness and Participation

    Matters.News is a writing community based on decentralized technologies, with open-sourced codebase and self-governance of creators. Creators can write, publish, read and discuss, as well as participate in building, co-living and deciding together for the Matters Community.

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  • Support: Connection and Grant

    With subscription revenue model Circle that forms a closely connected backer community for creators, along with millions of community funds and Frontline Fellowship for Chinese Non-Fiction Writing, all niche content is rewarded and encouraged in Matters.News.

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  • Content storage with IPFS

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  • Integration of LikeCoin

  • Matters Pay is now available

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  • Matters.News on ISCN registry, ISCN Integration for all content

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Our Team

  • Founder, CEO

    Jieping Zhang

  • Co-founder, CTO

    Guo Liu

  • Co-founder, Operation

    Beryl Liu


  • Product Manager

    Zeck Li

  • UI/UX Designer

    Yihan Huang

Brand & Business

  • Brand

    Emilie Hsu

  • Business Development



  • Tech Lead

    Robert Lu

  • Sr. Software Engineer

    Tomas Cheng

  • Full Stack Engineer

    Jazzy Liang

  • DevOps (PT)


Content Operation

  • Matters.News Community

    Yingshin Lee

  • Web3 Community

    Dobby Will

  • Frontline Award

    Xinan He

  • Frontline Award