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If you have just landed in Matterverse, here are two must-read features guidance to help you sail. How to use Matters.News' editor? What is IPFS? How to check your income and balance? How to discover more writing communities and participate in this self-regulated community?

Currently, Matters.News is not yet available as an application, so if you want to use Matters on your cell phone, we highly recommend using PWA, which is almost identical to an app.

Explore Web3 with us in Matters.News

Matters.News is dedicated to exploring Web3 and the creator economy ecosystem. We encourage wallet registration and login for on-chain payment and withdrawal functions.

Currently, Matters.News support donation with fiat currency (HKD), crypto currencies USDT and LikeCoin. You can support the creators and collect your reward with above methods.

If you want to log in, bind wallets, or process USDT payments on phone, please refer to our guide for cell phones, which will answer most of your questions.

Matters.News is a writing community based on decentralized technologies with open-sourced codebase. We encourage you to subscribe to your favorite creators with RSS, JSON reader or IPNS compatible Planet reader.